Thursday, March 5, 2009

U.S.'s 1st "Live" Webcast Thurs ... 3-5-09

Ok today is my 1st day that I am going to try my "Live" webcast of my race by race selections! This I'm sure will be a unique frontier that I will experience. I want to get my feet wet & get my timing down as well. This is as about as live as you can get. I have been seeing about a 5 sec delay from when I speak till you hear it on your end. So I will be starting at 12:00 noon high eastern time. I will give a short explanantion of what you will be seeing & what you can expect. I have been trying to get the clearest video as possible since I went out & bought the best web cam available. But when your looking at 2 big monitors it's just a bit fuzzy yet. However, you will get the idea what it is that I do. If nothing else check your curiosity out!
Please feel free to join me as I intend to be throwing out my best type of plays that I have been tracking. I will be giving shout outs from time to time as well.

Let's get ready for a Profitable day & a successful one at that!

Here are the links that you can catch the webcast at!

Watch live video from ultimateselector's channel on

Best of Luck!

Thanks & Regards,
Ultimate Selector!