Sunday, May 3, 2009

View Replay of Ultimate's Kentucky Derby Party!

I brought it & threw down!
We had a great time & alot of Fun.
Let alone made Profits with my Picks for the day!
If you missed the Big party well your in luck.
You can now view the replay of it. :pop:
Just go to my JTV site & go to Archives.

Then click on each of the 5-2-09 dates. There are 5 of them.
You can then use the fast forward button on the right.
They are in time framed zones so just keep going or let it play till the end of each one.
You may even use the time zone slider as well.

** Warning! There is adult content included! ** :cat:

Enjoy till the next party I throw! ... :+excited-

Best of Luck!
U.S. :cheers