Sunday, August 2, 2009

I will no longer be posting at Pace Advantage!

Due to the Politcal & Clicky atmosphere that the owner, Mike at Pace Advantage runs, I will no longer be posting my selections there due to his banning me for no reason!
Here is my response that I had posted in the general racing discussions forum but was censored & deleted by Mike.
So here it is again where he has no censorship control!

"First let me say this. There was no begging. I simply asked to post here again.
Secondly this is the 2nd time you have banned me for doing noting wrong other than posting my selections! I can see if I actually did something wrong but to have a bad day & you want to ban me for that? That is quite harsh for a picks forum in my mind.
How political & clicky can you make it? You have always been busting my balls & antagonizing me throughout like you seem to do with many others here as well.
Gee I have seen many others do much more wrong & not be banned but I get banned for posting picks? Geez, that is real weak!

I saw this post at another forum & I will post it here for you! ...

Sound off on pace advantage

Glad we have this great forum and not stuck with pace advantage anymore.
Some guy that gets paid by advertisers to have a forum then deletes profiles if they disagree with him. Cant wait to start posting my selections on here for free and there is not a **Bleep**thing he can do about it.

It seems there is a common thread that runs thru Mr. Pace.
I see you said this Pace ...

"Because it's irresponsible to allow it to opinion of course...."

Remember this is what I post every day in my 1st post!
Play at your own Risk! ...

Now what seems to irresponsible is anyone who cannot understand this.

I mean if you are going to ban anyone for posting a bad day regardless of the amount wagered then you would have an empty forum.
The only & Big difference here is that I posted my results! I wish that would be a requirement for all that posted picks. I'm sure then you would find out just how it all is with many posters & not me. Just cause I play with a few more zeros in my game so what, it's my money!

There are so many ways to play the horses & everyone has a different way they think they should play! So be it! Don't hate the player! ... Hate the Game!

Just who are you protecting here?

I have spoken to many that have voiced the same about you being a Bad host owning a a site that you continually berate your own posters & start trouble where there is none to be had.
Then all the Ass-Kissers jump on the bandwagon with you & think it's ok cause you did it.
I don't get you at business level or at a personable level at all.
You had a poster here who brought in many views for selections & entertainment for 12 hours a day. I didn't do anything to anyone or harm them in anyway. Many forums would give alot for that to keep activity going. I am a guy who simply posted his selections.

I don't know why you are always Ban Happy! Go figure! Try banning someone for a real reason!

Anyway this is my opinion of course!

I'm sure this post will be banned to. ( and it was, I called this right)

Here is what else I have found about Pace Banning posters who disagree with him.
Check it out!

Best of Luck to all & have a Great Day!

Ultimate Selector!