Monday, January 4, 2010

Ultimate update!


I wanted to give everyone an update on my new horse forum site at
Handi & I have been working into the late hours of the morning every nite. At this point we are learning how to do all this thru trial & error. My official intro page is almost done. I have a great programmer working on this. It should be done this week sometime. Then this will be the 1st to go up to announce my site.

I have picked out our new forum & the look & feel of it is nice. I hope you all like it & will enjoy it.
Now that we have our home picked out we have been working on picking the colors to paint our home & the rooms that we will be adding to accommodate all of our information & new video for my show. We have a bit to go as we are learning as we go along. We have made great strides and will be working hard till it's just right. So all of my time is now been towards this big project, so please forgive me for not updating my blogs so we can move into our new home & have everything under 1 roof!

Till then best of Luck & see ya in the Winners Circle!

Ultimate Selector! :tiphat