Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Finally, I am now DONE! ...

After about 10 days I am done with all my tech issues & whatnot. I bought a new computer with a tera byte hard drive, 4 gigs of ram, a 2.60 gigahertz phenom quad core processor, a ASUS m4A78T-E Mother board, & a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO High Def Video card with Windows Vista 64 bit service pack 1.

Let me tell you, if I knew I was gunna go thru all I had to to get to where I am 2nite, I would have never done this. I had so many conflicts & compatibilty issues with this 64 bit Vista. It drove me insane. However I learned so much thru this experience I think I am almost an expert on it now.

I love it now that I am all done. There were times I did not know if I was gunna ever get it all figured out. I had Tim my computer tech who actually sold this to me from Tiger Direct store here. He was kind enuff to come over all day & even give me some phone help in between to get me thru some of this. What a guy, you don't find too many like that. I took care of him!!!
Anyway now that it's all up & running like a Ferrari, I can mutli-task with my 3 videos up & my program & more windows running in the background with my dual monitor video card! It doesn't miss a beat, No lag what-so-ever. I am in Horse Players Heaven now!
So get ready for Wednesday as I will be ready to get back on my horse & ride! (play). I am all excited! ...
I will be sleeping in Tues as it's already 3:30 am!

My Apologize for not being able to post my selections over the last week or so but I promise to make up for it!

I will be posting my "Live" Selections here at my Selections site on WED 4-22-09!


So Let's get ready to Saddle Up & Spank home our Winners! :+whipping
Best Of Luck to Everyone! :cheers

Ultimate Selector! 12io4j2w90