Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since I have been working on combining my latest data program with my "Live" pool feeds database on past races, I have significantly improved my percentages in all areas. I am most pleased with my consistency. This is very important on a daily grind basis. My Profits are comming around to the level that I want to see on a daily & weekly basis. Tomorrow (Wed) I shoot for my 4th day in a Row of Profits! Let's see if we can keep going thru Sunday. I will do a full report for these last 8 days with this Sunday (included) coming up, that will be 1 full week with my new program in action! Stay Tuned & feel free to watch or tail along. Just check out my updates in my Twitter Box!


Last 3 Days Stats!

Races Played = 70

# of Horses Played = 22

Wins = 33_______47%

Place = 44_______63%

Show = 54_______77%

Overall Win Profits are ... UP! + $31.00 (per $2.00 Wagers)

Overall Place Profits are ... Down (-) $3.20 (per $2.00 Wagers)