Sunday, November 22, 2009

E-Ponies forum Owner Liam Durbin is Ban Happy!


Liam Durbin
- Owner of E-Ponies

Owner of E-Ponies Liam Durbin has Banned me
(Ultimate Selector!) from his site for 3 months early this AM! & for what??
He says it's for posting links on his site. I have not posted any links since he ask me not to.
I did however post a link to my Webcam for the Breeders Cup! I noted this in my thread as I posted my Breeders Cup Selections at E-Ponies that day because the E-Ponies site wont allow embedding of the TV. I also gave many shoutouts & scroll rolled across the screen many names of players at E-Ponies. Anyone who saw my show knows this! Now I ask why was I not banned at that time for the link? Why Now?? weeks after the BC ...
I have a couple of reasons why! There are some Cry Baby's there in the forum that can't pick winners & I get all the attention
& views cause I can & do Pick Winners! It's jealousy!
I am also in direct competition with the Owner Liam Durbin on his new Tip Tweets service that he puts out. I am tellin ya consistent Winners are not welcome in selection forums. When you Win like I do they just get rid of you for some Stupid Weak reason like this.
I sent this to Mr. Durbin in response to him banning me. He banned me after I already set up my thread for tomorrow Sun 11-22-09, he just did it so I can't respond to anyone there about it. I can't even see the pages on the site. It's like I shot somebody or something. Just who or what is he protecting? Geez ..
Keep in mind I am the #2 poster of all time there with well over 27,250 posts.
Here is what I sent to him, this was my response on
11-22-09 ...


Why are you really banning me?

I am very disappointed at all this. I bring players to your site & promote it well. If your banning me for this weak excuse the you need to ban others that I have seen post links as well. At least my links promote your site. I even promote you on my Twitter everyday that I post here as well as on my sites & my "Live" Webcam shows. Just ask any of your members that saw my show how much I promoted you. It seems you are either trying to find a reason to ban me or your listening to some Jealous ass cry baby's that cant post a winner if there was only 1 horse in the race! There is so much political BS that goes on in this forum it's just crazy that you would ban a Winning poster who brings his Winning Selections, entertainment & posted results of his plays all the time. Now whats wrong with this picture? I am just a player who posts his picks on your site who causes no problems. It's just those few Cry Baby's you have here & obviously cater to by doing this to me for some weak excuse reason! If it is for what you say it is, the links then why did you not ban me after Breeders Cup? Why now?? ...

I would really like to see some dates of these link offenses you say I did as well.

I enjoy some of the good guys there that are true players & know how to behave as players not immature kids. This makes no sense & I will speak my mind & do my thing without your site to do it at! I will let it be known that I think this is just Bull Shit!!

Your just too Ban Happy IMHO! This is really a Weak move!


Ultimate Selector!

With all this being said I will be setting up elswehere, maybe right here at my own site & get away from this ridiculous B.S.

I will also do my "Live" webcam shows as well!
It's time for a change for the Ultimate Selector! & just take more control of his own ways & post my Winning Selections where I can't be censored or banned by immature jealous losers!

I am so fed up with all the political BS that goes on in these forums. I have been working with a major company for the last 2 weeks & I may have a very nice Gig with them as we are working out the details & negotiate ideas. So stay tuned for some announcement unveiling just when & who it is.

I remain confident & encouraged as I keep my readers & followers informed to take this ride with me on the Profit Train! Allll Aboarrrd!

Respectfully - Professionally,

Ultimate Selector!


Liam's Response back to me!

You need to face up to some harsh realities.

1. Your post endorsed another site and had a live link in it. A site which probably has an affiliate program. I don't care to check it but I'm assuming it does. Regardless, shilling for other sites is not allowed on my site without my permission. And I've told you before you don't have it.

2. Your picks are not profitable. That has been proven over and over again. I don't like the fact that you promote them as profitable when they are not. It is misleading. That behavior runs counter to the sort of business I'm running - an honest one.

3. You are not just another member of my site. You are encroaching on my site with the volume and nature of your posts. You are over the top. It makes new visitors think that you are in some way affiliated with my site, which you are not.

4. It is irrelevant how much you promote me in other locations. I don't need it. On the other hand, you badly need my site and are probably making a killing off of my "hosting" you for free. If you want to pay me for the service, we can discuss it. But my doing it for free for you is over.

Politics has nothing to do with it. I have an issue with you. I get asked to ban you almost once a week from various people on the site - people who I actually think bring value to my forum. If it were politics you would have been gone years ago.

My Response back to Liam!

Liam, 11-22-09

My response to your realities!

1) If your talking about my 2nd post in where I have listed where I may suggest they have an account. I have been posting that same post for well over a year or so. Why have you never said anything b4.? I am not schilling as you call it cause I make nothing & they are both an ADW's. This is just a free suggestion of where to go do that. That's all, it's harmless!

2) I post my results everyday! How can I be as you say promote them as profitable when the facts are posted. Do the math. How can that be misleading? Maybe I should be like all other posters & NOT post my results! How would that be?
A winning selection is different from a Profitable one. I would expect you to know the difference! I post a winning selection result regardless of profitability. Profits & losses are Re-Capped at the end of the day in my stats! I have always been honest at what I do & post. I take pride in that! Prove me otherwise.

3) I am over the Top? & as you say members think we are affiliated. That would be just an opinion of whoever wants to think such. Not a very valid issue! Then the nature & volume of my posts? Just where do you have some fantasy hidden rules that states how much or how little you can post? How about Gelded, _____ or _____? Just to name a few These guys are not over the Top as well? . Are they Profitable in their picks? I am way more Profitable than any of those guys! Prove me otherwise.

4) I don't need your site either! I was just enjoying posting there. How do I make a killing off you hosting me? I have never asked anyone for money for any posting I have ever done. I don't sell anything. I do it all for free cause I just have a great passion for the game! It is nice to have some camaraderie with other players as well. However you would be happy to do this for me if I were to pay you tho as you say in your e-mail. Ha what a contradictory remark. So your the one who is commercializing this. Do any other of your posters pay you to post there like say Gelded with his Non Profitable high volume of posts? So you see it IS politics cause you are singling me out. You do not have a level playing filed & treat & enforce your rules differently depending on who it is!

Bottom line is This is just totally weak ass Bullshit that stinks. It's your site & you can run it how you like. I have never treated anyone with disrespect unless they arrogantly attacked me! I never meant any of this to happen but you certainly have a bad way of hosting your site. Maybe you should have thought about a type of "Live" poster like myself that posts at a horse forum picks site that you then go & make or change posting rules.
It also is a blame on your software & how it handles posts. Just a thought there.

You did me a favor by doing this so I can now move forward with much bigger plans!

Ultimate Selector!