Monday, November 23, 2009

I have my Newest Picks site set up!


I am pleased to announce that I have my newest Pick site set up for us all!
I have embedded my Web TV, my Chatbox & my Twitter update box as well.
I have kept it plain, simple & to the point. This way re-freshing the page will be much quicker.
I will use my other Ultimate Selector's "Live" Selections site as my record keeping & stats site from now on. (
Now I will be able to provide the quickest way to post & hand out my selections via my Web TV. I look forward to having my latest update to my software program by this weekend. I have a copy now but it's not all done yet but I can use it as all the calcs I use are correct. It's all the quick at a glance highlighting & shading that needs to be finished. I have been very happy with the results! With that being said, please feel free to stop by & say hello & check it out! I look forward to seeing you in the Winners Circle!

The Best is yet to come!

Best of Luck!
Ultimate Selector! :smiley